Monday, October 10, 2011

Vegas Weekend

The kids just moved into their new house and new neighborhood. What a great area with lots of families and super nice neighbors.

Of course we had to do some "haunting" decorations, since it is our favorite holiday! The cute ghost is so old and I bought this when the girls were about seven years old up at Swiss Days in Santa Clara, Utah. It was just a plain wood cut out so we took it home and painted it! We all three kind of pass it around and it has such sentimental memories for me! Sorry Ivy........Kenzie appears to have dibs on it this season!

Adding some spooky cobwebs is always the finishing touch!

Little Wynter trying on her costume! We found this at Target and since she loves "kitties", it just seemed Purrrfect! She gets her cute purple cast off this week........we hope!

At this point in time we had a little wardrobe malfunction! Mackenzie was trying to slip the cute bow tie over her head and the elastic strap slapped her in the face! OUCH! We felt terrible and needless to say......our happy moment ended here!

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