Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boston Public Garden

For over 130 years, the Swan Boats have been a part of the Boston experience. As a welcome sign of Spring, they grace the waters of the Boston Public Garden, the first botanical garden in the United States. Famed in the stories Make Way for Ducklings and The Trumpet of the Swan, the Swan Boats are the only boats of their kind in the world.

My sweet mama and her sister Jan, who is also my Godmother. She came and joined us for three days on our trip and it was a wonderful time being together.

As a young girl in Nashua New Hampshire my sweet mama and her friend Cookie would come to the big city of Boston in the back of Cookies dads truck and ride the swan boats. She had not been here for many many years and it was so wonderful for me to see her admire the boats and I'm sure it brought back some very loving memories of her childhood.

The Public Garden was created in 1837 while the Boston Common in 1634. What a difference two centuries made.

From its inception, the Public Garden was decorative and flowery, while the Common was pastoral and practical. The Common's walkways were for crosstown travel, the Public Garden's paths for meandering. The Common was America's first park, the Public Garden its first public botanical garden.

The plants used in bedding-out the Public Garden are grown in the Boston Parks and Recreation Department's greenhouses. Over 80 species of plants are cultivated there for future plantings in the Garden and more than 50 other locations around the city. The Garden's romantic setting attracts many weddings.

The Friends of the Public Garden and Common is a non-profit citizen's advocacy group formed in 1970 to preserve and enhance the Boston Public Garden, Common, and Commonwealth Avenue Mall in collaboration with the Mayor and the Parks Department of the City of Boston.

Yep..........We got to see the Cheers Bar!

What happens in Boston.......Stays in Boston! (giggles)

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