Monday, October 10, 2011

Treasure Hunting

While in Vegas this past weekend and as we were heading out for a day of fun filled shopping we spotted this yard sale. Joe immediately pulled over and I had my eye on this little beauty from the get go. As soon as I opened the drawer I new it was old. I love finding labels and this one was metal! She had wanted $20.00 for it but I offered her $15.00 and she said yes. This piece belonged to her husband who had grown up in New Jersey and I couldn't believe they were parting with it! ALL THE BETTER FOR ME! I can't wait to start the stripping process and returning this little gem to it's original state!

Kling brand furniture was produced in the United States in the 20th century. There were literally hundreds of styles manufactured over the years. Kling Factories was founded in May 1911 when John A. Kling, an immigrant from Sweden, purchased the bankrupt Chautauqua Spring Bed and Lounge Company in Mayville, New York.

Above, the round metal Pre-World War II drawer marker. It was inconsistently used, but probably represents 1937-1941. My little treasure has this particular label inside the drawer.

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