Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun at The Big Red Barn

This past Saturday my daughter Ivy and I took her five kidos (my adorable grandbabies) to the Big Red Barn in South Santaquin, Utah. Let me tell you..........this is the place to be for every holiday but the Autumn is the best as they have a hay ride, pumpkin patch and fresh apple cider! It was a super fun time even though the day was long and then by the time we got to the pumpkin patch baby Claire started throwing up! We ended up getting three wonderful pumpkins that the kids searched diligently for throughout the patch.

Oh my goodness..........the lines were so long and we had to wait for the third or fourth hay wagon to then take us up several miles to the pumpkin patch! But it was worth the wait for sure!

The bigger kids enjoyed the hay bales and making new friends!

Finally..........the first ones on the wagon! We picked the very back seats.

The babies wanted their own seats.

Layni with her Beiber fever shirt!

This is the line from our view in the wagon and picture this on an 82 degree day in northern Utah.

On our way!

Yep..........on a Hay Ride.....Woo Hoo....

Finally at the Patch.

Nana and them sweet babies! We got two babies! We still say's just so hard to believe that we have twins!

Check out the wandering pumpkin hunters!

Can you see the hay wagon on the road?

Lots of crates here. They ship fruit all over the nation.

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