Saturday, April 16, 2011

Triathlon Race Day

Two weekends ago my daughter Mackenzie and her hubby Joe competed in a Triathlon with a bunch of their couple friends. It was such a super fun day for all of us. I loved it that I could help out by taking care of their precious angel, baby Wynter. It sure did start early for them having to be there by 6AM. Steven and I showed up at 7AM with baby Wynter. I don't know why I keep referring to her as "baby"! For heavens sake she is walking now so that makes her a toddler. Sometimes its just so hard to let go of the baby stage and to let her grow up.

It"s still difficult at times to know that my own children aren't children anymore. Such is the circle of life!

Gee Nana.......It's cold out here! Thank you for the sugar sweet snacks and don't tell my mom.

Just call me Yoda!

This little boy was so cute and a total stranger! When Wynter would go over and sit with them he would just pat her on the head. SWEET...............

Joe coming around the corner!

Nana and Wynter cheering mama on!

Hey "that's my daddy"!

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