Monday, April 4, 2011

LDS General Conference

As a member of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints", we have just had our semi-annual conference. This world wide televised conference is televised throughout the world in 5 sessions. This special conference is not just for the members of our church, but we hope it will be watched or listened to by any who desire to be uplifted and moved to bring them closer to their father in heaven. And......let's face it, these are some very trying times! Who doesn't need the hope, peace, faith, guidance and direction that the gospel brings?

The messages from General Conference always bring hope to me for more peace in the world, that we may be kinder to others and find more ways to serve. "To Become More Like Christ".

Mormon leaders must speak to young, middle-aged and old, new converts and multi-generational members, single, married, at home or far from it, he said. They are expected to soothe and inspire as well as warn and chasten members, and no one assigns them the topics.

LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson and other leaders described, praised and celebrated the church’s long-standing efforts to aid the poor. The LDS Church’s welfare program is "inspired of God," Monson told more than 21,000 people in the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City, and millions more watching via satellite in chapels across the world.

"As long as the LDS Church has resources, "we will not let you go hungry or without clothing, or without shelter. We shall do all that we can to assist in the way that the Lord has designated that it should be done." The church’s "prophetic welfare plan" Burton said, "is not merely an interesting footnote in the history of the church ... It is the essence of who we are as individual disciples of our Savior and exemplar, Jesus the Christ."

Around the world, Mormon women who have little themselves and are "constantly helping those who they thought were in greater need," Sister Sylvia Allred says, describing assistance offered by women in Chile and Argentina during economic downturns. Recently, she has witnessed, she said, similar Mormon efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

"To think that a humble sister or brother with a church calling can go into a home where there is poverty, sorrow, sickness, or distress, and can bring peace, relief, and happiness," Sister Sylvia Allred said, "is astonishing."

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Colleen said...

I love how you describe conference...and the hope, peace, faith, guidance and direction that the gospel brings. We are so fortunate to have a living prophet and twelve apostles called of the Lord Jesus Christ to represent Him in our day. Their counsel, encouragement, and direction is truly a pearl of great price.