Sunday, February 28, 2010


My dear friend Renee whom I have met and been friends with through this wonderful " blogging world" is not doing well. She has been living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer and has taken a turn for the worse. Even though we have never met in person we have shared many things through blogging. We have shared thoughts, emotions, comments, photos, laughter, tears and alot of encouragement.

I am very saddened to know that she is not doing well. For now her sweet Angel daughter is keeping us updated on her condition. My thoughts and prayers are with my friend this day.


janis said...

Renee is in my prayers. I am wearing my Brighton Breast Cancer bracelet for her too!

janis said...

Brooke as my braclet jingled throughout the day (Im type all day on a computer so It jingles alot!)it reminded me of your friend Renee. I prayed several times throughout the day for her. This is a bracelet I got years ago and it helped me to continue prayers for some friends with cancer. I feel God at hand and hope that my prayers help her. I will pray for her family as well.