Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Northern Weekend!!

This past weekend I headed north to spend several days with my daughter Ivy and her family. We love being together and we always have lots of fun. We shopped, had lunch at our favorite restaurant, played the Wii, and opened a few Valentines presents that I brought along.

On Saturday night Layni, Ivy and I sat down to watch the Ms. America Pageant. We love doing that! Last year I was at my daughter Mackenzie's and we watched it with little crowns on our heads that I had brought along.. Too funny..........It's a tradition for us to sit with our paper and pencil and pick our favorites!........Yep........Ms. Virginia was sure on my list.

On Sunday I got up and made my yummy Clam Chowder and then took the kidos to church. Poor Ivy was not feeling well this day. She still has some rough patches but "in general" her good days out weigh her bad ones. She is now 24 weeks along with this twin pregnancy.

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janis said...

unkstoni love that! The tiara's is something I would do! I thought about going up to the girls college & try to watch with them, but it just didnt work out.. Maybe next year! We do watch Americas Next Top Model together. Have for years. Although, now I watch in another city than they & text them back & forth while they watch together.