Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meesey Cat is gone................

For the past ten years I have been feeding three stray cats. Well I guess at times it was four. There was a little gray cat I called Gracie cat that passed on about 5 years ago. The cats were never allowed in the house...but just having them greet me every day was a nice feeling.
When I would tell people I don't have any cats but that I feed three strays. They would say Brooke it's been ten years........THEY ARE YOUR CATS!!!
The Siamese cat I named "Meesey cat" and he was just the best cat.
To make a long story short he became sick and died.
I am surprised at how saddened I am by the loss. It has only been two weeks but there is still such a loss when I come home and he is not there to run out and greet me.
I guess that I am hoping by writing this that I will have some sort of closure.
This is why I don't have pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenny Bracken said...

That is the worst part of having animals....when they arent there anymore. My cat that i had had since 11th grade died this year. Even after i got married, when i would drive up to my moms she would chase my car into the driveway. So SAD :(