Monday, January 4, 2010's here ...2010

Well it's hard to imagine that we are into a new decade.

Over the past few days while traveling and enjoying my family I have pondered what wonderful things are in store for this coming year. I have much to be thankful for....

I have many many blessings...........

For the first year I really am not making any resolutions per say. I am just going to be more thoughtful, try to be a better person, and grow even closer to my heavenly father!

On my girlfriend Janis's blog she made the comment and it really has stuck with me..
It simply said:


I am really a happy positive person anyway so.....I guess I will love my life even more in 2010.

I am grateful for my blogging friends and the light they shed on my outlook!!
May all our wishes and dreams come true in 2010.... maybe I am hoping that my "Mr. Darcy" comes along...........I did wish upon the New Years Eve "blue moon"...for a little silly luck.......

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janis said...

Awe! I'm honored! I am gonna try to love it. That seems to be what God is telling me to do with it.
Let's all pray for a wonderful year to come with 2010. Your in my prayers!
ps...LOVE the new background!