Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anderson House located at 2118 Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C. in the Dupont Circle area. Now known as Embassy Row.

Lars Anderson III and Isabel Weld Perkins. In 1896, Perkins was a 20yr old debutante on a world tour. She made a stop in Rome and met Larz Anderson, a young Harvard-educated diplomat from an affluent and prestigious Cincinnati family. They were married in boston a year later.

A writer for the Boston Globe sums up Isabel and her marriage by saying:
...these Andersons? they were idle rich, born to money and accustomed to privilege--but they were interesting people who left us something. Isabel did what rich young women did back then...she "came out," summered in Newport, "springed" in New Hampshire, wintered in Boston, partied aplenty. She met Larz; he was smitten; they were married. He did the diplomatic thing; she wrote books and plays. They split their time between Washington D.C. and Brookline Mass.

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