Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Washington D.C. "My Favorite Place"

This past weekend my mother and I took a trip to our favorite place. D.C. I don't care how many times you go ....there is always more to see. We flew out on a friday from Vegas and four and a half hours later we were landing at Regan International. We then flew back on Monday in time for me to get to work at 5Pm. This time we stayed in Crystal City which is just five minutes from the Pentagon. We like to stay in different places since we have learned to ride the Metro System last year. We only got on one wrong train this time!!! It's no big deal, you just get off at the next stop and go to the other side of the track.

The weather was great. Saturday was really nice with temps about 45 with some sunshine. Sunday it did rain most of the day with some snow flurries. You know me.......I love the snow! It wasn't like we were going to be outside except to get on and off at the Metro and go in the buildings. We made sure we took plenty of warm clothing, hats, gloves, and umbrellas.

We have found that the more we go ....the people seem to be friendlier. For a period of time there after 911 the guards at the museums were very stand-offish and not very nice. I certainly understand their hesitation and their suspicion. But I am glad to say that I feel that time has healed and some things appear to be getting back to some degree of normalcy.

We had the best time..... but then my mother and I love to travel together.

Thanks mom for a great time and did I mention how very much I love you and how blessed I am that are my mom!!!!

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janis said...

What fun! I am going to read more as I see you have several entries! Ive never been but want to go.
One of my favorite Bloggers is Reya (The Gold Puppy) and she is from DC. I read with much excitment as I followed her during the inauguration. She had a front row seat as far as her home location. She writes wonderfully about many things & I LOVE her photography. You should check her out sometime!