Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Ballroom

This room was amazing. As you can tell this was very elegantly decorated and has such a great atmosphere. I can just imagine all the royalty and the whos who that dined and danced in this room.

Notice the staircase that is at the left. This staircase is really on the "very narrow side" and actually the main entrance to this room is at the bottom right and left looking in from the photo. No one could really have made a grand entrance down these narrow stairs which makes me wonder if this staircase would have been mostly for the entrance of Larz and Isabel .........
On the bottom floor in the middle in the back is the main kitchen and our guide was so cute that she would bump the door so we could peak in. It appears to still be dressed in the period but there must be some updates as officials do stay there from time to time. At the top of the balcony in the middle is where the music was made. There would have been room for about 8 to 10 musicians at a setting.

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