Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday my wonderful friend Cassy and I went to see Avatar. First let me say this:

It was amazing! Absolutely Amazing! Seriously.......It was much more than what I had expected. I think it was because we saw it in 3D. This film has been released in traditional 2D, as well as 3-D, Real D, 3D, Dolby 3D, and IMAX 3D format. Did you even know all these formats even existed? Cassy said we have to see it in 3D, so we traveled into St. George and picked the Pineview theatre. We thought we had gotten there in plenty of time but after we paid for our tickets (and received our very cool glasses), popcorn and milk duds the only seats left were DOWN front.....It really was still great and I'm telling you 3-D is the only way to see this movie.

However.........I was a little disappointed with some of the language. It is rated PG 13 and there were a ton of small children in attendance. I just couldn't believe the swearing in a couple of places. I thought, how do you explain those words to your kids? And you know......once you hear something..... it's just out there now. It's just too darn bad that Hollywood thinks that their movies won't sell without the profanity. Use your good judgement.....

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Janet said...

this movie was spectacularly sensational and I was quite blown away, and yes, because it was in 3D!

Made me think what Lord Of The Rings would have been like in 3D . . . . .????