Monday, August 22, 2011

Salem Massachusetts....

We were so excited to spend a day in Salem. It was just a short Ferry ride of about 45 minutes out of Boston Harbor.

Look at me already making friends!

I love this picture! When we first walked by here there was no ship and then 6 hours later it just appeared! It was like magic...........We did walk up to it and I guess you can go on board and then it sails for a short trip. It is called "Friends of Salem". There was not enough time but you can bet if I ever get back this way we will be sailing away.

Who doesn't love ice cream?

O.K.............This footprint brought us to just pure sillyness! Before I left on my trip someone had been telling me that Salem has been taken over by all these so called "wiccan people". I was like really? So..........we kept watch and never saw one wiccan! How disappointing for us but........every odd looking person or animal we would come across we would look at each other and say " that's a wiccan"!!!!

So........of course the footprint was that of a "wiccan"!

This is Marble Head Island and it was on the way on the trip over from Boston Harbor to Salem. Talk about some zillion dollar homes here.

This ship was huge and just sat out here all day. The guide on the ferry boat said it is an oil tanker. I had to look it up when I got home and this is what I found out:

Offshore loading and crude oil transport ships.

Knutsen OAS Shipping is a privately owned shipping company located in Haugesund, Norway. The company has a modern fleet purpose-built shuttle tankers, chemical carriers and product tankers world wide. Knutsen OAS delivers technical and end operating solutions to the main oil and petrochemical companies of the world. The fleet consists of 41 shuttle tankers, chemical carriers and product tankers. In 2009 the company had an onshore staff of 64 to handle projects and operation of the fleet, 430 administrative employees offshore and about 800 foreign employees.

This boat looks like it should be in a James Bond movie!

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Beautiful photos of a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing as I've never been there!
Bless your day. Barb