Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look Out Salem Here We Come

How cute are these shirts that my mom bought and surprised us with? This was the day that we were setting sail for Salem.

This is the Long Wharf at Boston Harbor. The great thing about getting to Salem from Boston by ferry is that it is only about a 45 minute trip! Yes......that way we can spend more time in wandering the sites of this mysterious village.

My sweet mama with her sister Jan who is also my Godmother.

This is what it looks like below the docks. Kinda cool and eerie looking huh? got even creepier when I saw the giant rat come out beneath one of the stones and glance up at me!


Hmmmmmm.. Do you think there has been a small fire here? I will bet that these million dollar yacht owners were a bit nervous to say the least.

This little boat was so stinkin cute! I soon decided that this must be where the marina caretaker lived. How do I get this job?

I would like to fill out the rental agreement pleeze!

Now with the Hurricane warning today and I am wondering how all of these beautiful boats will fare in the high winds coming.

Bon Voyage Boston Harbor.............

A most beautiful view of Boston from out in the Atlantic.

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janis said...

Oh sweet Brooke! It's always such a treat to visit your blog! And this in hand, listening to your picks (gotta love Ella!) and yor beautiful Fall background has given me a little spring in my step this morning. Gosh Darn it! If only we lived in the same town, I would be asking you to join me for some coffee at a cute little cafe.
These pictures are GREAT! Love your cute~ all three of you! I too worry & pray for the harbors...they towns... the peeps... and precious animals. We all need to pray heavily for God to help us ride out these storms, and be able to handle what He has in store for us.