Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The House of Seven Gables

Visiting the House of Seven Gables in Salem was so much fun. It's funny how you can visit a place and then decide to read the book that has been a classic for years! I downloaded the book for free on my Kindle and read it the entire plane ride home!

The hidden staircase and the secret rooms were really worth the crouching and sliding along the small spaces.

Hawthorne lived here while he wrote the book and he was known to be quite reclusive.

Check out all of the beautiful hydrangea flowers! They were simply everywhere.

If you look past the gardens and over the roof..... well, that would be the Atlantic Ocean!

I especially loved seeing the little "cent- shop"?????

Here is the opener of Hawthorne's famous classic:

On one of the side streets of a New England town stands a seven-gabled house with an enormous elm tree before its door. It is the ancestral Pyncheon house, owned by a family with a long tradition. It was built on the site of the house of Matthew Maule. Envious of the fine location, Colonel Pyncheon had helped convict the house's owner of witchcraft and was instrumental in having him hanged. From the gallows, however, Matthew Maule cursed Colonel Pyncheon: "God will give him blood to drink!"

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