Sunday, July 31, 2011

Look Out Bean Town! We Are Coming Your Way!

Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge Mass. Mount Auburn contains 175 acres of land and more than 10 miles of roads and paths. 94,000 people are buried here. This view shows the Mary Baker Eddy Monument in the center.

How on earth am I going to cover all this ground in one day?

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janis said...

One DAY? No way! Stay longer. I went to Boston with my daughter's eighth grade class (few years back) and we LOVED having the opportunity to see so much crammed into the 2 days we had. We went as a school tour & had the BEST TOUR GUIDE. She was so awesome & knew her history so well. I don't remember the name of the cemetery we went to, but was fascinated with the old tombstones & especially the damaged ones from cannon balls from a battle fought right through the cemetery! Take lots of pictures. Safe journey & love to you~