Sunday, July 24, 2011

Childs Family Reunion

In June Steven's family had their annual "family reunion" at Lake Powell. It was the perfect weekend as it was the same time they had planned to have the open house reception for Danny and Heidi.

When I say family........I mean FAMILY! What a wonderful, loving and large family. Steven comes from a family of ten children and being from Utah..... you know that means we are probably mormons!

Hmmmm, but then you all knew that. Mormons love big families and we really do care for and love one another.

I, on the other hand am a convert to the church and have only one brother. Surprisingly........I have really enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of his family members and I have now been to a couple of the big family occasions and am starting to feel pretty comfortable around them.

This is sweet baby Sophie........Steven's only grandbaby presently, but grandbaby #2 should be arriving in September.

Sophie was really enjoying this sucker and was loving being all messy and sticky!

The kids loved playing in the water on this big raft.

Uncle Mike would pull them all around on it. This is the famous Lone Rock in the background...

hence........... Lone Rock Beach.

Mike...........a big kid still himself! It was a great time and I would say a pretty successful family gathering.

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janis said...

Awe! What great fun!
I miss Family Reunions...we had them when I was little on my Dad's side, but once some Great Greats passed... we stopped having them. My Mom was from Texas, and even though we all gathered when we would visit, it was never like a big family reunion like Dads side. I converted to Catholicism from Presbyterian. And my Sis converted to Mormonism, for a few years, but after her stay at BYU she converted back. My point?... oh yeah! When I came into the Catholic world I was introduced into BIG Catholic families. :)
Love you~ Have a beautiful week.