Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This past memorial day weekend was special! Mostly because my children and their families were all here in Zion. We had the best time just being together in spite of the continuous high winds! We still managed to have our barbecue but had to eat inside and the grankidos love riding the zion buses.

The other reason was that I was finally granted special permission to go into the old pioneer settlement of Shonesburg, which is located behind the Springdale Fruit Company. This old settlement and cemetery is located on private property and is only opened to ancestors on Memorial Day from 10AM to 2PM.

The owner, Jim Trees passed away in 2008 and his two daughters currently have the property up for sale. It consists of 2,066 acres and the asking price is 30Million dollars............yep.............I said 30Million! Any takers out there?

Upon entering the gate you need to check in and they give you a map and instructions. You also check out upon your exiting.

1. Stay on the main road. DO NOT DETOUR!! Go directly to the cemetery and the old stone house area and then return directly.

2. Please do not enter the old stone house as the back wall is unstable.

3. No restrooms are provided and please do not liter.

4. This time of year, rattlesnakes are definitely present. Be alert and cautious!


Please............I am in full genealogy, family history, cemetery sleuthing mode, I don't care about no stinkin rattlesnakes! I even wore sandals and that is my first "no no" rule of visiting cemeteries this time of year.

There were about 5 cars here and about 30 people all roaming around and talking about all their ancestors!

This was one of the coolest days ever in my world!

Thank you my son in law Joe for going on this journey with me! You are the best!

Here he is checking out the old Caterpillar machinery!

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janis said...

$30,000,000.00? Piece of cake... will you meet me there?
What a marvelous adventure! Where are the gravestone photographs? Where there any gravestones? How did you know that you had ancestors here? BROOKE! so much more story here .... do tell, I am so curious & interested.
And the Rattelsnakes.. Did you see any?
So glad you had a Blessed Weekend. Family is always such a joy to have around.
Love to you~