Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art In The Park

The cast of "Seussical" gave several performances and it was spectacular.

My sweet Layni.........There was a time when she was so shy! Now look at her...performing in a talent show at the park. She did such a wonderful job and she really is talented. I can't remember what song she sang but it was beautiful. Later that evening at the performance of "Seussical" they gave out prizes for the winners and she took 2nd place in her age bracket.

Way to go Layni Cakes!

We had lots of yummy junk food at the park that day, Seussical style. Hot dogs, slushies, cotton candy and soda pop. Oh yeah and I had hot dog flavored ruffle potato chips! Who knew, but they were super yummy too.

After the rest of the family went their separate ways I spent the whole day with Layni at the park. If she wasn't with me...she was within my eyesight. It was "small town USA" at it's best. I simply loved sitting and watching the entire talent show and then the puppet show. The talent ranged from just the wee ones to the senior citizens.

There was a sweet married couple probably in their early 70's who sang a sweet duet that brought tears to my eyes. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Then there was a sweet older lady who played my favorite LDS hymn on her harmonica, Come Come Ye Saints. Yes, I cried again..... Thank goodness I could hide my tears behind my sunglasses. I found out the next day at church that her name is Twila Porter Rockwell and she is 82 yrs. young. Thank you sweet sister for sharing!

I loved the way that everyone hugged, smiled and greeted each other. It reminded me of growing up in "small town USA" too.

Thank you sweet Lord for "Small Town USA".

It puts everything back into perspective for me.

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