Monday, March 9, 2009

This morning I am pondering on my goals for 2009 that I have written on a simple piece of paper and attached to the inside of my front door. I figure this way I am committed to ponder them daily.
So lets see how I’m doing.

1. Practice kindness.
2. Focus......on whatever I am doing at the time.
3. Be more loving and understanding of everyone.
4. Forgive others.
5. Read my scriptures at least once a day.
6. Pray more often
7. Stand tall........quit slouching and sit up straight! (Right mom?)
8. Exercise daily and eat only good foods.
9. Just Dance.............. no matter what!
10. Get involved with someone other than "the dead". I spend countless hours on my genealogy.
11. Work on my book......of course it’s on "finding your ancestors".
13. Buy only needs and pass by the "wants"..............
and lastly.................."NO MORE EMOTIONAL EATING".....

So now we are into March and I must admit I have done pretty darn well. I don't think I have failed in any of the above with the exception of the Albertson's store cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. I would just like to know why they always have to put the bakery right at the entrance !!! If only I could enter through the back!


Woozle1967 said...

That's a pretty impressive list and well done you for sticking to it! Patience is a big one for me - I am always wanting things done yesterday, completely overlooking the reasons why I enjoy a slower pace of life in the country! Daft, eh? Note to self - slow down! I think it's that urge we get at spring to clean and fling windows open and bustle about planting things...........

As for bakeries - don't! Having eaten two lemon French fancies today and trying to forget that I have just one hot cross bun left in the tin, I am trying to quell my sweet tooth!xx

Renee said...

Your picture; you are beautiful.

No. 13, was that your last with buy what you need and not want? I think you should give yourself a break and buy something (if you can afford it) you want every two weeks or once a month just because you want it.

Life is short, and you are beautiful and worth at least a little of something you want.

Interesting job.