Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's A Snow Day......Maybe my last for this winter.

Would you believe I woke up to snow yesterday morning? At 5:30 I heard this noise at my door and I knew right away what It was. I jumped out of bed (ok....maybe I didn't jump out of bed...not that I didn't try) and lo and behold it was a blizzard outside. It was a mixture of sleet and snow blanketing the earth before me. AWE INSPIRING........For heaven's sake it's March!!! It had been 60 degrees the day before. This may have been my last visit from Mr. Snow for at least another 7 or 8 months so I hurried and snapped some photos. Summer is not my friend and I will miss the coolness and the surroundings the winter months bring. I do not look forward to the Canyon's summer climate and all the creatures that it's heat brings to my house.


Woozle1967 said...

Lovely pictures! We have had snow here too, several times over the last 3 months. I love it!x

lramey said...

if you hate the summer down there and i hate the winter up here, i feel we should trade. you can live at my house in the winter and i'll live at yours!!!!! such a deal!

janis said...

Oh how beautiful! I too love the calmness and coolness winter brings. But I also love the summer, just don't like to sweat.