Saturday, September 29, 2012

The buyer decides if an item is worth the price.
    No matter how short I think I fall in comparison to others, no matter how little value others see in me, Jesus felt I was worth the price He had to pay.
    Attacking our self-worth is one of Satan's most subtle yet sinister tactics.  It is essential for me to believe that the Son of God died not only for the sins of the world but that He died for my sins.  If the adversary can lead me to believe otherwise, my doubt may keep me from seeking the Savior's atoning grace and returning to His presence.
     If you doubt your value, go to the Buyer to get the only product review that matters.  "We can pray with confidence that we can feel the Savior's love for us.
     He loved us....enough to pay the price of all our sins!
     Having faith in that love allows the Redeemer to change our lives and carry His purchase home.

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