Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Love Car Shows!

My grangirlie Wynter!

It was a hot day in Vegas!  Seriously it was 100 degrees!
But it didn't stop us from checking out all the very cool, 753 car entries this year and having some yummy garlic parmesan fries! 


Tyra Shortino said...

I love the car on the second picture, it looks so feisty. Heheh! All it needs is to have hydraulics installed, that being said, it would definitely be the center of attraction at the car show. Anyway, were there any concept cars, or was it a show exclusively made for vintage cars?

Tyra Shortino

Vannessa said...

It's good to see little kids like her posing for pictures with hot rods at the background. It's a good start to teach her the history of these cars, and it might interest her someday. What do you think? She might be a collector of vintage cars if you open her up to this. Heheh. But a hot rod is too fast for a cute little girl like her, I think the car on the second picture would be best for her. :)

Vannessa Gabbett