Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talk About Painful!

Well.... today I am day 9 post fracture of my 4th toe!  I can wear a flip flop with some ease but I still cannot put any pressure on my 4th and 5th toes!

First of all let me say this...............I would never have dreamed that a fractured toe could hurt so bad! 

Upon leaving my daughter's house in Salt Lake on MOTHER'S DAY I accidentally hit the side of the new couch and man oh man...........Down I went to the floor!  Baby Jenny is in the high chair and wondering what on earth her Nana is doing pounding the floor and crying!

So........now the three hour drive home!  Seriously!

"Thank You" to the person who invented cruise control!  Otherwise I had to use my left foot!

On Monday morning I went to see the foot Doctor who is 25 minutes away and yep......it's confirmed the fracture of the 4th toe is bad.  First he thought it might just be dislocated and then he would have to put it back in place.  I said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME........YOU ARE NOT TOUCHING MY TOE"!  All this while throwing up.... to and from and during the Dr. appointment!

Yes, I know ........sorry Dr. Peterson for my crying and carrying on!  But........after much prayer to my father in heaven.... it was confirmed that it was only a good clean bad break. 

Two days of down time and hopping around until I got the crutches has given me a whole new perspective on "dealing with whatever comes along"!!!

How grateful I am for my many blessings, my family, my work family and my wonderful friends!  Thanks to everyone who brought in food, crutches, worked extra shifts at my work, ran my errands, took my lesson at church, ran me to the doctor and then home and simply just called to check on me. 

I am one lucky little girl and there are some things in life that just happen.... so it's best just to deal with whatever comes along!  This coming from someone who is overly-organized at all times.

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