Friday, March 9, 2012

Sausalito, California

Nestled on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge is this quaint little community called Sausalito. You can take a day trip, via Gray Line tours to here and also Muir Woods. The bus picks you right up outside your hotel and off you go! So much fun!

Seriously...........If this guy only knew that in my earlier years my girlfriends and I had borrowed a hearse and did some serious joy riding! That's all I'm sayin! And some of you thought I was such a saint huh?..............

My mother was even encouraging me to get in the drivers seat so she could snap a photo!

and...I wonder where I got some of this crazy behavoir ;)

If there is a Christmas store in town......mother and I will be sure to find it! We bought the cutest "elf on the shelf" that the grankidos are sure to love!

I thought these decorations were hilarious and who on earth would buy them........Well.....there were three cute russian ladies spending a small fortune at the register for about ten of them. Go figure...............If we were all alike the world would be a pretty boring place right? (giggles)

The only down side to this trip was that we only had an hour to browse the town!

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