Friday, March 30, 2012

Curious George! This Is Me.......

I am such a Curious George! I want to know about everything! I often write lots of post its of all the things I must look up on the internet. You know, sayings, words to songs, and all of the whys for so many of these unanswered questions. I often wonder about the here after and what those of us who have already passed on are now doing to keep busy in the spirit world/ heaven.

I love this photo taken by photographer Beth Dow and featured in the March "Real Simple" magazine. When I read this.......I said......"This is so me".

Here is her cute little article in her words:

What makes my life real simple "When I came across this tree at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, my first inclination was to find out why the plastic bags were on the branches. But then I realized that the tree interests me because I don't know how or why it came to be this way. Sometimes not knowing is better than having the answer.

In fact, learning to live with a mystery has made my life simpler and more relaxed. This photo reminds me that it's OK to let go and accept life's little secrets".

I would say that this is some good solid advice.........and who doesn't love a mystery!
And really.............maybe we aren't suppose to know all the answers!

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janis said...

ohhh I love it!
znd this reminds me why i need to renew my subscription to Real Simple! I miss it so!