Friday, July 9, 2010

With Deep Sadness!

It is with a heavy heart and a great deal of tears that I must say so long to my friend Kathryn ....but only until we meet again.
Such a sweet, strong and quiet spirit.... A young woman who had already lived a life time in her short time here on this earth.
My Library buddie.............My Twilight friend!
I am so blessed to have known you and to have shared a few laughs with you. How blessed we are to have the knowledge of the know that we will meet again.
Safe sweet friend. Zion Canyon will miss you but you will never be forgotten.

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janis said...

Im so sorry for your loss. She was so young too. Last night I attended a memorial for a school chum neighborhood friend. I had not seen or heard from Tommy in over 30 years. He sucumbed to Cancer after a 6 year battle. I felt necessary to go, even though I had never met his wife, or childern. I told them how much he made me laugh, how silly he was and that I remembered him all these years.
Life is funny.
We know we will die. It is a part of life. However, that doesn't make it easier espeically to the survivors of the loved one.
Prayers to you and her family.
Love you!