Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mountain Meadows

Well..........Mother and I were actually headed to Salt Lake this morning to visit my daughter and her family and take Ivy shopping tomorrow. But our plans soon changed when mom tells me she has had a sharp pain in her tooth off and on since yesterday. She has had some recent dental work and I just did not feel good about heading north until she had it looked at. She will be at the dentist office first thing Monday morning. With great disappointment I called Ivy and gave her the sad news that we would have to come the following weekend. We are soooo looking forward to being together.

We had gotten as far as Cedar City so I figured we would go back to St. George via Beryl Junction, Enterprise and then Veyo. Mom has always wanted to visit the Mountain Meadows Massacre site. She has read the book written by Juanita Leavitt Brooks and this has been on her bucket list for quite sometime now. Well mama.........cross it off!!

For someone who is not a member of the church she seems to know more church history then the members do. I am glad the day wasn't a total loss. When we got to St. George I drove her up to the Juanita Leavitt Brooks house. I guess we share a special connection with Juanita..........After my youngest daughter's wedding we didn't know what to do with all the beautiful flowers so mom and I both looked at each other and said "Juanita's grave"..... We took them and found her grave at the St. George Cemetery. Her books are amazing and her own life story is so encouraging. She was a beautiful pioneer!!


janis said...

You are so good to your Momma! I am so glad you are Blessed witha relationship like that :)
What lovely pictures, thank you for sharing & I think I am gonnz look this Massacre up, I am morbitly interested.

janis said...

ps~ LOVE your playlist!

janis said...

Brooke! You are cracking me up! As I try to get caught up, everytme I open a posting, you have a different background! I am lookingforward to seeing which you choose. They are all lovely btw. It's hard for me to decide w/ mine too!