Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This past weekend I headed north to help my daughter put up all the christmas decorations. We got the tree up, decorations out and lit and hung the stockings. We then made five pounds of peanut clusters and two batches of toffee. It is always so much fun when we get together. We bundled up the kids and went riding around at night to ooh and ahh at all the christmas lights.

We only had a few mishaps....two broken ornaments, two burnt fingers, and one lost pepper spray. Are you kidding about the pepper spray? Somehow my aerosol can came out of the cover that hooks to my key chain. We looked and looked and finally found it downstairs in the play room. Now that could of been a disaster. AMEN.it all went well..

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Alli Hunter said...

I'm so glad you post pics of Ivy and her cute family, other wise I don't think I would ever see them! We missed having them at Thanksgiving. You're such a good Mom to help with Christmas decor, that can be a big job, especially when you feel crappy :( I hope she starts feeling better as she gets further along! Merry Christmas!