Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Northern Visit

Henli and Layni doing a super duper job of coloring!

This one is for my Nana Brooke!

Oh Nana......Stop with the pictures!

I love this reindeer sweater!

Finally got the tree up and it's gorgeous.
The cute little green pillows say" Dear Santa take my sister and leave the gifts!
or take my brother.....Cute huh?

Layni's new christmas dress from her great grandma Claire. She sure
don't look to happy huh?

Getting ready to go to church!!!

Let's make toffee Nana!! I will help!!

My Little Lukie Bear helping )*(*(^%$#%^&*!!!!

The Stockings were hung!!!

The Nativity being re-arranged for the um-teenth time!!

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