Monday, December 21, 2009

Family Gathering

This past weekend the kids came north for a few days. We went into St. George on Saturday to search for a blessing dress for baby Wynter. There really are only a few stores locally that would have what we are looking for. And.........I can't believe the kids couldn't find anything in Las would think that Vegas has everything. Interesting enough the lady at Christensen's says that there are a ton of people that come up from Vegas.

Christensen's is just the greatest store! We have shopped there since the girls were very little. I can remember buying alot of their school clothes there.......way back when.... I remember buying them the cutest jewelry when they were like in first grade.

Anyway.............(Sorry about the trip down memory lane)!
We found a dress........It is adorable. We are so excited for baby Wynter's blessing.

We went by the Brigham Young home to take some photos. It is always so beautifully decorated for the holiday. Joe is such a great photographer. I Love the pics.........Thanks Joe

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