Sunday, May 24, 2009

Services at Arlington

In August of last year my mother and I visited Arlington and there were several services that passed us along our journey to visit my father's resting place. As I read now on the web site there are approximately 25 to 40 burials a day. If you figure 365 days a year that would be about 14, 400 burials a year. Observing these ceremonies was an experience that I simply could not have imagined. There is a great stillness and sadness. It takes you to a place that one could never imagine without having known the reality of it. It left me at times nearly as if "I could not breathe".......and for a moment it felt as if "I were choking". The tears were rolling down my face.

God Bless all who have served and are now serving that we as "Americans" can continue to live a "free" life. Let Freedom Ring.................

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