Sunday, May 31, 2009

Canyon Offerings........

The past several days we have had the most amazing storms roll into the canyon. On friday we had two or three rain down pours that actually turned into 'pea size' hail. Hearing the thunder and lightning brings "joy" to my soul. Growing up in the midwest made me appreciate all the moisture and the storms from mother nature.

But.........for us here in the canyon the threats that a storm can bring can be very dangerous. First of all we are always in a drought. Thus............dryness, so when it lightnings that means "fire" in the park and in the mountains of our little town. Two years ago at the 4th of July celebration the fireworks set the whole mountain on fire and I actually had my car loaded and was ready to evacuate. That pretty much ended the "best fireworks show in the state".

The second threat is the sudden down pour of rain. We have alot of deep canyon hiking trails and this means that when the rain comes fast and swift the bottom of the canyon fills up fast. This means that you are deep in the canyon and the only way out is up. I can't tell you how many past "rescues" and "deaths" we have had in past years.

So the joy of the storm is needed for the moisture and yes, I love the beauty but the dangers are often sorrowful.

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