Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My baby birds are all grown up!

Well it finally happened.......My babies have left their nest.

I have been watching these three little baby birds since their birth and on Tuesday when I went back to work and checked on them......they were gone.

I just can't get over how fast they grew. On Saturday they were so big I thought they would fall out of the nest so I knew their leaving was near. The three of them could barely fit in the tiny nest. I would watch mama bird feed them many times a day as they got bigger and knew that she must be getting very tired, as they appeared to be eating alot.

I was sad ....actually.........and even shed a few tears. I can't explain it and even typing this brings tears to my eyes. I guess it reminds me of my own two wonderful daughters growing up and leaving home to build lives of their own. We can only hope, like the mother bird.. that we have taught them all they must know to manage in this great big world full of ups and downs and joys and sorrows.

The following photos were taken on Saturday and if you go to an earlier post you can see them at about 2 weeks.

Now I will anxiously watch the nest for new life to appear again.

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