Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9th, 1974

How can it be?
It has been 38 years ago today that one of the very most important men in my life passed from this earth!
I remember the exact events of this day like it was ten minutes ago.
So surreal............

You would think that .........this day might just pass by like any other after all these years.....but it never has!
It hit me at 7:45AM when I looked at the calendar and of course I was sad at first, cause I miss him so much!  I miss both my grandpa Frank and grandma Opal!  I spent a great deal of my childhood with them and they were wonderful examples for me.
I simply do not know where the years have gone!

I do know of God's plan and that we will be together again......
and.....what a reunion it will be!
Love you both so much!

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