Saturday, June 16, 2012

We Love Being Together!

My grangirlie Layni is here for a four day visit!  Every day we have had big plans and yesterday was our "Zion Park Tourist" day!  I love to play tourist and now Layni is at the age where she can do some of the hikes! 

What fun we did have! 100 degrees we spent the entire day up in the park!  This is Riverside Walk which is the beginning of the famous "Narrows" hike.  We got to see lots of wildlife along the way and met lots of fun people.  We had lunch and the famous "swirl ice cream cone" up at the Zion Lodge and then we attended Jr. Ranger School.  It was such a fun day..........I would guess that we walked about six miles!

Thanks Layni!  What a trooper you are!

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