Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shields Up!

Shields up is a term from Star Trek!  So, I guess those of us that are from that generation or still love being a "trekie" then you will understand my metaphor!

Due to our very dry winter here in Zion Canyon we are having a more than usual snake outpouring! heard me right! 

Luckily......I have never had a rattlesnake in my yard but plenty of other visitors.  We actually had a snake in the store the night before last.  We have killed a couple of rattlesnakes down in the campground and in the river beds just this past week ( I live right on the river bed).  LORDY!

You can imagine what they are looking not me although I do believe that to be true in my very scarey mind and fear of snakes.  But they are looking for water.

Now.......back to photos! 

MOTHBALLS!  When I first moved up here I was told that if you put mothballs everywhere then that will divert the snakes and keep them away! 

I apologize in advance to the neighbors who have already noticed the smell. 
He said "it reminds me of my grandparents basement"! 

Running with a broken toe that is still mending is something I want to avoid!
On Thursday I saw a lizard and nearly fell over one of the planters!

May The Force Be With Me!

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