Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass.

Visiting Mount Auburn was amazing and for a seasoned genealogist, it is a dream come true. Mom and I spent seven hours here and it was one of the best days ever! Thanks Mama....I love it that we love so many of the same things!

Mount Auburn Cemetery was founded in 1831 as "America's first garden cemetery", or the first "rural cemetery", with classical monuments set in a rolling landscaped terrain. The appearance of this type of landscape coincides with the rising popularity of the term "cemetery," which etymologically traces its roots back to the Greek for "a sleeping place."

More than 93,000 people are buried in the cemetery as of 2003. A number of historically significant people have been interred there since its inception, particularly members of the Boston Brahmins and the Boston elite associated with Harvard University as well as a number of prominent Unitarians.

Mount Auburn's collection of over 5,500 trees includes nearly 700 species and varieties. Thousands of very well-kept shrubs and herbaceous plants weave through the cemetery's hills, ponds, woodlands, and clearings. The cemetery contains more than 10 miles (17 km) of roads and many paths.

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janis said...

arent the cemeteries in Boston incredible??? i was in my glory & wanted to spend more time in the one we got to go on when I went on a school trip with my daughters class several years ago. I was amazed to hear the stories of how they would be under attack right in the cemeteries & you can actually see the cannon ball damage to some of the tombstones! I cant think of a better friend I would enjoy cemetery touring with that you! love you Ms Brooke! Thank you for sharing these marvelous photographs.