Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Living In the Past


Why is it that some of us choose to live in the past and just what is it that seems to take us there?

I listen to the music of the 60's and the 70's alot and I often wonder if that is the reason that I find myself browsing in the past. 

Other times it's certain sounds or smells that take me back!

People live in the past because that's where their thoughts are!  But is this behavior really healthy?

     Whether our thoughts are focused to one area in particular or a whole range of reasoning, it is an issue of self evaluation or comfortable living.  Because it is the past, people are more comfortable with the certainty of it, even if it was a negative experience.  Ahhhhhh.......I think the key for me here is the word "familiar".  

"Once upon a time" begins fairy tales of days long gone and tells stories of yesteryear. Some of us are stuck in the past and have no desire to move forward. Others want to but can't get motivated, or don't have the tools to make any progress. Living in the past takes away from the people in your life today

But, I love my memories of days gone by and I love that all of my friends from childhood and my teen years are friends of mine on Facebook and we love talking about old times............

So......when is it that we cross the line from living in the now to living in the past?  Is there really a place  where it's simply not healthy to visit the past?  I don't think so............

...................and aren't my memories really mine to think about whenever I want? 


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