Friday, June 11, 2010

Zion Fun

This past weekend the kids came up from Vegas and we all played tourist! Believe it or not, even when you live in Zion National Park you seldom get the opportunity to get up there much. It is always so wonderful when the family comes up for the weekend and we get to play.

Most importantly...... Nana gets to see her baby Wynter!!!

Last summer we discovered the ice cream swirl cones at the Zion Lodge. It is the most yummy treat ever!! It is so worth the ride up there on the bus in 105 degree weather. It was hot...How hot was it? By the time we got to the lodge we hurried and wet baby Wynter's hat in cold water for her hot little head. No A/C on the bus folks!!

Mackenzie wasn't to keen on giving her 7 month old ice cream, but she did give in and gave her a few tastes! Mackenzie said, " I guess we will know if she is lactose intolerant" Ha...

SHE LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now she is trying to figure out how she can get more. Now Wynter.......Just tell mommy and daddy that you have to get back to Zion to see Nana and ride the bus!!!!!!!!!!!

Riding the hot up the canyon!

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