Monday, February 2, 2009

Just us Girls !!!

This past weekend I went North and spent three wonderful days with my daughters family. The grandkids and I have such a great time together. We even had a slumber party where the kids and I slept out in the living room on the floor and told stories. I took along a few Valentine's goodies and we baked cupcakes. Saturday we shopped most of the day and then later we went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. The big event of the day was that Layni has been talking about getting her ears pierced off and on for awhile but...just out of the blue she decided that sat was the day. So.... after dinner we all went to Claire's at the mall and she picked out some cute pink flower earrings. With two girls and two loaded earring guns we were just moments away and we now have pierced ears. We all thought for sure that she would chicken out. Of course there were tears but she did great. Thanks Reese for enjoying this great event with us!!!!

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janis said...

Beautiful Girls!
My Emily was about 5 when she got hers pierced at Claires. She fanted! My Annie also around 5 when she got hers done, was my brave little girl. The gun jammed stuck on her ear, she was so good! She also had a little problem getting her belly pierced 12 years later! Hopefully we are done with the piercing now!