Friday, January 16, 2009

Haven't Been Blogging lately

Wow, I can't believe that it has been since Dec 24th that I have blogged. And..........not that I have not had anything to say. It was a very busy holiday with alot of traveling and alot of going's on. I had a great holiday but I am glad that we can now move forward. My family and I had a great holiday and we are looking forward to next Christmas with much optimism.

So let's see. Two things on my mind this morning. First I am having some very interesting thoughts on the upcoming Inaguration and the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of all this hoopla. I love a ceremony just as well as the rest of us but.........ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!! Would someone please tell these folks in Washington "That we are in a Recession". All this talk about dresses and fashion is just to much. Oh wait, I will be in DC in August again and I will drop by the White House again and have a chat with Barry and Michelle. HA HA. Sometimes in this country we say and do the opposite. WHATEVER..... I'm just going to continue to live my life.

The second thing on my mind is a horrible horrible horrible thing that happened on Tuesday. I won't say much but this "I AM A SERIOUS AND DEVOTED ENVIROMENTALIST". I have a little corner of the world here with lots of beautiful surroundings. I came home from work that day and someone took it upon themselves to take away some of my scenery. I am still in shock and can barely stop crying. This has caused great contention, sleepless nights and a most wanted call to The Utah Coalition of Enviroment. I would never do it but I can't tell you the bad thoughts of revenge I have had. I am working on it but still can't quite understand how I missed the space ship that came by and abducted and changed the brain of some people. OK.......thats enough ranting........Pray for me...I am trying to move forward.

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Rebecs said...

So sorry to hear about your view obstruction! What happened? I'm guessing something was built in your path?!?